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Object Innovations supports the Fast for the Climate, a global movement started by Yeb Saño, former climate commissioner of the Philippines. We invite you to visit the website to learn how you can fast in solidarity with those impacted most by climate change. The website provides a wealth of information on this critical issue for our planet.

VISUAL STUDIO 2015 COURSEWARE IS AVAILABLE NOW! 7/22/15 — Object Innovations begun rollout of .NET coures updated to Visual Studio 2015. More updated courses are coming soon. Stay tuned!  
WEB SERVICES COURSEWARE UPDATED TO VS2013 10/3/14 — Object Innovations has updated its Web Services courseware for C# programmers to Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5.1. The course now contains contains an introduction to Web API, which is a more modern approach to creating HTTP services and is a great technology for implementing RESTful services.  
UPDATED WINDOWS FORMS COURSEWARE 9/28/14 — Object Innovations has updated its Windows Forms courseware for C# programmers to Visual Studio 2013 and .NET 4.5.1. .  

Object Innovations provides technical courseware to training companies, educational institutions and corporate businesses. We track new technologies aggressively and endeavor to keep our courseware up to date. Our curriculum focuses on key topics of modern programming technology with an emphasis on Microsoft .NET.

We also offer courses on Java, XML, database programming, and C++. Our partners offer training and extensive courseware in Java, XML and other topics.

Object Innovations' courseware is designed for instructor-led training and comes complete with student guides, presentation slides, labs, and instructor/setup guides.

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