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 Leor Zolman

Leor Zolman is founder and Chief Consultant of BD Software. He has been involved in compiler design, application development, systems administration, and IT education for 30 years, spanning the CP/M, UNIX, and Windows operating systems.

In 1979, Leor wrote "BDS C", an 8080/Z80 C compiler developed on/running under the CP/M-80 operating system. BDS C, the first C compiler targeted exclusively for personal computers, is now in the Public Domain and freely downloadable from the BD Software Web site.

Leor worked on staff at R&D Publications, Inc. in Lawrence, KS from 1989 to 1992. While there, he wrote articles and columns for several magazines (The C Users Journal, Windows Developer's Journal, and SysAdmin), authored Illustrated C (the very first R&D Publications book title), and developed in-house IT systems and educational programs.

In addition to his current focus on IT training, Leor occasionally still produces useful pieces of software, such as his Freeware STL Error Message Decryptor for C++.