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Modular Curriculum Structure

In today's training environment, there are fewer deliveries of "off-the-shelf" courses and greater need for courses that are customized to meet customer requirements. It is possible to meet unique needs by pulling selected chapters from existing courses, and Object Innovations can create a custom tailored course to meet your specifications.

Although simple and straightforward, such "mix and match" courses are not always the best solution, because a course created in such an ad hoc manner may not be cohesive, and dependencies among chapters may be disrupted. Through a modular curriculum structure, Object Innovations can help you provide economical solutions to custom-training requirements with cohesive modules that can be assembled in many combinations to meet diverse training needs.

Object Innovations courses are developed in a modular fashion. The primary goal of modularity is to make it easier and more economical to address diverse training requirements of customers. Another important goal is to reduce the maintenance cost in keeping courseware up-to-date. With the use of modules, duplication of material is minimized, and frequently a change can be made in only one place but be reflected in several different courses.

A module is both a logical and a physical grouping of course materials. A course consists of one or more modules. The most popular combinations of modules are released as pre-packaged courses. A pre-packaged course is optimized for convenient distribution to customers. For example, at the front there is a combined table of contents showing all the chapters of all the modules. All the appendices are at the back.

Ordering Object Innovations courseware

Note that in terms of ordering Object Innovations courseware, there are only courses, which have part numbers. A course may consist of a single module, a pre-packaged course with several modules bound in a single book, or a combination of modules that are shipped as separate volumes.

Example: XML Core Curriculum

The XML Core Curriculum consists of four non-overlapping courses

XML Core Curriculum

The following pre-packaged courses each combine two modules. They each ship as a single book, with a combined table of contents showing all the chapters of each module.

516. XML Transformations
   Module 1: Introduction to XML Transformations
   Module 2: Advanced XML Transformations

517. XML Schema
   Module 1: Introduction to XML Schema
   Module 2: Advanced XML Schema

Giving these building blocks, it is easy to create various combinations of modules. For example, here is a three-day survey course consisting of three modules.

Survey of XML
   Introduction to XML (Course 501)
   Introduction to XML Transformations (Module 1 of Course 516)
   Introduction to XML Schema (Module 1 of Course 517)


Object Innovations can help you provide economical solutions to custom-training requirements by:

  • Arranging different modules from different courses to create the training courseware the fits your needs.
  • Creating a "tailored" course by extracting individual chapters from different modules.
  • Creating new custom content to meet unique training requirements.

Contact Object Innovations today to discuss your customization needs and for a quote.