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ADO.NET 4.0 Courseware in Visual Basic

March 28, 2012. Object Innovations has released Visual Basic versions of its ADO.NET 4.0 courseware, targeting both Windows desktop and Web platforms:

These courses are completely parallel to the previously released courses using C#.

The revised courseware incorporates these main enhancements:

  • Updated to .NET 4.0 and Visual Studio 2010
  • Covers the ADO.NET Entity Framework, which has emerged as Microsoft's preferred data access technology
  • The student guides for the two courses are now identical

The courseware comes with separate lab manuals that have detailed instructions for labs implementing ADO.NET programs with Windows Forms clients (course 4220) and ASP.NET Web Forms clients (course 4221). It is completely feasible to present the courses to mixed audiences consisting of both Windows and Web programmers.

The courseware is designed to work with SQL Server 2008 Express, which comes with Visual Studio 2010.

The previous versions of the courses using Visual Studio 2008 remain available.

Shipments of the revised courseware begin immediately.