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New and Revised Courses in Test-Driven Development

November 13, 2012. Object Innovations has released a new advanced course for C# developers on test-driven development using Visual Studio 2012:

An emerging software engineering paradigm is test-driven development, where tests are written early and testing is performed continuously during the development process. Problems are discovered early and corrected when they are found.

This new advanced course covers tools and techniques available with Visual Studio 2012, including code coverage tools and metrics, isolation techniques, and the use of the Microsoft Fakes framework for code isolation.

We have also updated our introductory courses on test-driven development to use Visual Studio 2012

These courses explain the methodology of test-driven development and the use of a test framework in supporting test-driven development on Microsoft .NET. Course 4105 covers use of the open source test framework NUnit. Course 4106 covers use of the unit test framework integrated into Visual Studio. Microsoft's test framework has been thoroughly revised for Visual Studio 2012 and now has a pluggable architecture enabling integration of various test frameworks from Microsoft and other vendors into Visual Studio. An appendix in both courses covers the integration of NUnit into Visual Studio 2012.

Shipment of the new courseware begins immediately.