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Revised Courseware in Windows Workflow Foundation 4.5

July 10, 2013. Object Innovations today released a revised course on Windows Workflow Foundation for C# developers using Visual Studio 2012 and .NET 4.5.

Microsoft’s Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) provides a framework for creating scalable applications consisting of independent program units called activities. WF 4 was a major rewrite of this technology, offering significantly higher performance and making it easier to create and execute workflow applications. WF 4.5 contains new activities, designer capabilities, and a new workflow development model (state machines). This four-day course covers this latest version of WF, including the use of C# expressions in workflows. The course uses Visual Studio 2012, which provides a visual Designer for creating workflows.

This course is designed to cover this technology in a gradual, incremental manner, with a goal of helping the student to become thoroughly familiar with the programming model and tools. A great many example programs and exercises are provided. The exercises provide first a specification of the problem without detailed instructions. Optional detailed step-by-step instructions are provided. The lab software includes solutions to all the exercises as well as the example programs. Because of these features the course is suitable for self-study as well as for use in a classroom environment led by an instructor.

Required software is Visual Studio 2012 Professional Edition or higher and SQL Server 2012 Express. The recommended operating system is Windows 7

Shipments of the new courseware begin immediately.