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Object Innovations Begins Rollout of Visual Studio 2013 Courseware

November 12, 2013. On November 13 Microsoft officially launches Visual Studio 2013, and Object Innovations is ready! We are pleased to announce the update of four of our C# courses to the new platform:

A noteworthy feature of the new platform is expanded capability of the free Express versions, including support of Microsoft's unit testing framework and the support of multiple languages within a single product. The four courses we are releasing today can all be run using Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop, which supports C#, Visual Basic and C++.

The five-day C# course is intended to be fully accessible to programmers who do not already have a strong background in object-oriented programming in C-like languages, such as C++ or Java. It is ideal, for example, for Visual Basic 6 or COBOL programmers who desire to learn C#. The two-day intensive course is designed for experienced programmers to help them quickly come up to speed on the C# language.

Courses 4105 and 4106 explain the methodology of test-driven development and the use of a unit test framework in supporting test-driven development on Microsoft .NET. Course 4105 covers use of the open source test framework NUnit. Course 4106 covers use of Microsoft's test framework that is integrated into Visual Studio.

The release of these four courses marks the beginning of a comprehensive update of the Object Innovations .NET curriculum to .NET 4.5.1 and Visual Studio 2013.

Shipments of the new courseware begin immediately.