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New Courseware in ASP.NET Web Pages

July 25, 2016. Object Innovations today released a new course on Microsoft's ASP.NET Web Pages for C# developers using WebMatrix 3 and .ASP.NET Web Pages 2

This course provides a practical hands-on introduction to developing Web applications using ASP.NET Web Pages and C#. This Web development framework from Microsoft emphasizes ease of use, making the development of dynamic Web sites with ASP.NET very approachable. C# programming is done using the Razor syntax, as in the more sophisticated ASP.NET MVC. This course uses WebMatrix as a development environment.

With the introduction of this new course, Object Innovations now offers a comprehensive curriculum covering ASP.NET technologies, which also include:

While our original courses all used Visual Studio as the development platform, the new course employs the easy-to-use WebMatrix, which Microsoft introduced several years ago as a free tool for Web development. It has had two updates, and is now at Version 3. It includes many features for creating, testing and publishing websites:

  • An editor for many different types of Web pages
  • IIS Express for testing websites
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition (SQL CE) for database development
  • NuGet to obtain and install packages for added functionality
  • Support for many programming languages, among them C#, Visual Basic and PHP
  • Easy-to-use publishing to the Internet, including to the Azure cloud
  • Comprehensive support for ASP.NET Web Pages.

In some ways Web Pages hearkens back to the old ASP programming model and to the ever popular PHP, with HTML code mixed in with server-side code. In another way it is quite modern, utilizing the concise Razor syntax employed in ASP.NET MVC. It is also modern in not hiding HTML, as is done with Web Forms. This enables a programmer to leverage knowledge of HTML and CSS. All in all, Web Pages is a simple technology very approachable to new Web developers and is a useful technology in the toolkit of experienced developers, especially appropriate for creating smaller websites.

Numerous programming examples and exercises are provided, including a thematic case study. The student will receive a comprehensive set of notes and all the programming examples. As with other Object Innovations courses, the student guide and example programs are sufficiently complete to facilitate self-study as well as instructor-led training.

Shipments of the new courseware begin immediately.