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New Courseware on ASP.NET Core MVC

January 25, 2017. Object Innovations today released a new course on ASP.NET Core MVC.

This course is an introduction to ASP.NET Core MVC programming using C#. It is based on the Object Innovations course 4143 ASP.NET MVC Using C#, but it uses the new ASP.NET Core framework, built on the open-source, cross-platform .NET Core. ASP.NET Core supports both MVC and Web API but not the classic Web Forms technology. This course emphasizes MVC and contains an introductory chapter on Web API.

.NET Core is available on Windows, Mac and Linux. .NET now is a family of frameworks, including both the classical .NET available on Windows and the new .NET Core package-based frameworks that are cross-platform.

The course attempts to give some insight into how ASP.NET MVC works as well as provide "how to" instruction. ASP.NET Core MVC is a powerful tool to create interactive Web applications, with a lot going on to make it work, and it is important that the student understand the basic principles.

Numerous programming examples and exercises are provided. The student will receive a comprehensive set of notes and all the programming examples. As with other Object Innovations courses, the student guide and example programs are sufficiently complete to facilitate self-study as well as instructor-led training.

Shipments of the new courseware begin immediately.