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C# Courseware Updated to Visual Studio 2017

June 6, 2017. We are pleased to announce today the update of our two C# programming courses to Microsoft's Visual Studio 2017:

A noteworthy feature of Visual Studio 2017 is the greatly expanded capability of the free Communnity version. Now in a single free product there is an integrated development environment for multiple languages and for both desktop and Web applications. All of our courses that we have updated so far or will soon release will work on the free platform.

The five-day C# course is intended to be fully accessible to programmers who do not already have a strong background in object-oriented programming in C-like languages, such as C++ or Java. It is ideal for proceudural programmers and less experienced programmers who desire to learn C#. The two-day intensive course is designed for programmers experienced with an object-oriented language to help them quickly come up to speed on the C# language.

The release of these two courses marks the beginning of a comprehensive update of the Object Innovations .NET curriculum to .NET 4.7 and Visual Studio 2017. More updated courses will be released in the coming months. Stay tuned!.

Shipments of the new courseware begin immediately.