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WCF and ADO.NET Courseware Updated to Visual Studio 2017

May 16, 2018. Continuing its rollout of .NET courseware updated to Visual Studio 2017, Object Innovations announces the update of these courses on Windows Communication Foundation and ADO.NET:

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is Microsoft’s framework for building distributed systems. It unifies and builds on older distributive technologies such as ASP.NET Web services and .NET remoting. WCF is a large, complex technology. Its sheer size can make it quite intimidating, and the learning curve can be steep. But if the basic principles are grasped and you have practice using it in some basic scenarios, you should be equipped to apply it in your applications and to learn more.

ADO.NET is Microsoft's technology for creating database applications using the .NET Framework. Our course includes newer features such as Language Integrated Query (LINQ) and Microsoft's Entity Framework. The revised version of the course simplifies the course materials, consolidating the lab instructions into the Student Guide rather than providing a separate Lab Manual. Also, we no longer offer a separate version of the course focused on Web programming, but we provide an appendix to explain special considerations in ADO.NET programming using ASP.NET.

As with the previously announced Visual Studio 2017 updates of our courseware, the courses we are announcing today can be run using the free Visual Studio Community 2017.

The database examples of the updated ADO.NET course use the LocalDB database engine of SQL Server 2016, which is integrated into Visual Studio 2017.

Shipments of the updated courseware begin immediately.